Support the First NYC High School Teachers to Refuse to Give Test

On Thursday, May 1, 2014, we, the teachers and school staff, at the International High School at Prospect Heights are refusing to give the NYC English Language Arts Performance Assessment Exam.  We are standing in solidarity with the more than 50% of our parents who have opted their students out of taking the test.

Please support the teachers and staff members who have joined together to abstain from administering a test we believe is harmful to English Language Learners(ELLS).  We are not willing to sacrifice the trust of our students, their feelings of self worth, and our professional duty to do what is best for them. In good conscience, as educators dedicated to the learning of our students and the welfare of our school communities, we are not administering this test. We ask that Chancellor Carmen Fariña remove the New York ELA Performance Exam in favor of an assessment created by educators who best know the individual needs of their students and classrooms.



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  1. Well done to all of you! In Australia we are about to start our statewide testing regime – NAPLAN- what a great response !!!

  2. I am so proud – and so moved – by these brave teachers. I wish I taught there so I could join them in this courageous act!

  3. Thank you to the teachers who are standing up for the children. Rather than all of these ‘tests’, teachers need to be able to teach our kids, providing them with a full and well rounded education….

  4. I support teachers. & parents who choose to opt out of testing. I am a former teacher & school administrator.

  5. Silence will not fix this problem. We need loud voices who can garner powerful politicians to make a change.

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