Support the First NYC High School Teachers to Refuse to Give Test

On Thursday, May 1, 2014, we, the teachers and school staff, at the International High School at Prospect Heights are refusing to give the NYC English Language Arts Performance Assessment Exam.  We are standing in solidarity with the more than 50% of our parents who have opted their students out of taking the test.

Please support the teachers and staff members who have joined together to abstain from administering a test we believe is harmful to English Language Learners(ELLS).  We are not willing to sacrifice the trust of our students, their feelings of self worth, and our professional duty to do what is best for them. In good conscience, as educators dedicated to the learning of our students and the welfare of our school communities, we are not administering this test. We ask that Chancellor Carmen Fariña remove the New York ELA Performance Exam in favor of an assessment created by educators who best know the individual needs of their students and classrooms.




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  1. Way to go teachers! Stand up for the welfare and interests of the students and their parents as well as your own. Standardized test are a waste of time & taxpayer dollars and do not reflect what students have learned. The corporate test makers are not in the classroom and have no idea what should be tested. The classroom teacher can only do that and truly assess a child’s progress. No standardized test can ever be developed or created to truly assess a child’s progress. Children are not “factory produced kids”. They are human beings with unique abilities and gifts. The mentality behind standardization comes from the factory settings of measuring units of production. Kids are not units of production. Schools and teachers are not intended to be factories for human capital (kids = product) which is being produced and delivered into the 21th century workforce for the corporate customer. Unfortunately the ed-reformers now in charge would lead us to believe that the ultimate goal of educations is to deliver workforce ready kids and that is simply not the case.

  2. I am truly proud of these teachers for advocating for their students!! The madness of testing is going overboard. Waste of time and taxpayers’ money. The ones who are suffering and hurting the most are the children. Children are suppose to love learning not hating it. I hope MORE teachers throughout NYC will follow their lead. It is time for civil disobedience among teachers, administrators and parents!

  3. So much solidarity to our sister and brother teachers standing up and with their students. As we get ready to teach tomorrow, we’ll be standing with you in spirit!

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