1. Democracy Now
  2. MORE Caucus: Stand Up, Opt Out
  3. The New Yorker: Louis C.K. Against Common Core (including a bit about our protest)
  4. Diane Ravitch’s Site: HS Teachers will Boycott NYC Test
  5. World Net Daily: Now Teachers Revolt Over Common Core Tests
  6. NYPOST: Brooklyn Teachers Balk at Common Core Test
  7. WNYC: Teachers of New immigrants Refuse to give Students an English Test
  8. Wait What? (Jonathan Pelto’s Blog): Group of New York Teachers refuse to give unfair standardized tests
  9. Jessie Hagopian’s Blog: The New Conscientious Test Objectors 
  10. Full video of the Press Conference
  11. Teachers at International HS at Prospect Heights Refuse to Give NYC ELA Test
  12. Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Teachers at International HS boycott mandatory exam
  13. Ednotes Online Blog
  14. Substance New York teachers boycott test May 1 after half of high school’s parents opt out their children





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