Carole Kaye-Retired Teacher, NY, NY


Give it up!  Education is NOT a one size fits all!  Give the teachers of their students the respect and trust to allow them to do what’s best for their kids.  I can sense the frustration  these educators are feeling, just by reading this petition.


Angela Alessandro– Syracuse, NY


 I wish we could all avoid subjecting our new  ELLs to these state tests.


Karren Baird-Olson-Professor, California State University, Northridge


By far the vast majority of those who are using the English Proficiency exam in such an inappropriate manner would receive failing grades if they were tested in one of the First Nation languages such as Lakota.


Gail Brown-Teacher, NY


One test is not the true measure of a student’s capabilities and does not determine success in life.


Sister Bernie Galvin– St. Charles, MO


As a life-long activist, now 80 years old, nothing cheers my heart more than to see people –especially young people!– stand in solidarity against social injustices. Indeed, that is the only way justice will ever prevail.  So congratulations and thank you to the students, teachers and parents for Standing Up and Opting Out. You will win…so strong and smart is your protest, I think you already have won. 


Megan Corcoran- Buffalo, BY


Speak up now! Teachers speak out! Do not operate out of fear! Now is the time to speak up!


Joy Connolly– Point Lookout, NY


In solidarity


Alan Singer-professor, Brooklyn, Ny


A brave and powerful statement against the Common Core/High Stakes Testing  corporate take over of education. 


 Todd Mitchell-Teacher, Buffalo, New York


As an ESL teacher myself, I could not agree more with the stand of these teachers. They are showing great courage to take such a stand, a stand which may result in great negative consequences to themselves, but a stand which grows from their deepest professional convictions.


 Julie Piekarski-Cumberland, RI


High stakes testing is destroying the field of education


 Nicole Riley-Teacher- Edward A Reynolds West Side High School, NY, NY


 So Proud of all of you!  Thanks for standing up to the privatization of public education.


Chris Darling-Parent, Richmond, CA


Standardized tests, as now administered, are to education as high fructose corn syrup is to food.  That is, they are toxic but in the guise of something nourishing.  Nearly all thinking and writing about education policy today in the United States starts with the impact of said policy on test scores.   Given that there is no test that covers creative thinking, good citizenship, good character, or many other important qualities that can be nurtured by the best education, nearly everything that is said or written is wrong.  I stand in solidarity with all of you who are boycotting the test.


Ollie Cannell-Teacher, Brooklyn, NY


The test is a terrible means to a terrible end.  All my support to you for using your power to make it stop in your school and beyond.


 Linda Strohm– Teacher, Parent, Philadelphia


We as educators have been discredited.  We know what is best for our students and our opinions and input are necessary.  I am so proud of my fellow teachers in NYC for uniting and taking a stand.  I hope that other districts and teacher will follow your lead. Congratulations


Joe Penney-Journalist, Brooklyn, NY


I, Joe Penney, stand in solidarity with the 30 teachers and school staff at the International High School at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn who are refusing to administer the New York City ELA Performance Assessment.  Teachers at IHSPH are standing up for all teachers and parents who feel that these tests that are traumatic for students, serve no instructional purpose, and do nothing to prepare students for college. It is clear that the feelings here in New York about these tests are felt nationwide. As a journalist, I am grateful for your courage and I share your struggle.

Mau-Student, Santiago, Chile

All my support from Chile!

Lisa Morenoff-Special Education Teacher, Washington, D.C.

So courageous of you!  I hope that more of us manage to mobilize in similar ways.  The high-stakes testing and all that goes with it (rounds of practice tests, rising anxiety, valuing these test results above all the other observational, anecdotal, and school-based assessments we have) is out of control.  Thank you for leading the charge toward change.

Karen Walter-Teacher, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Standing in solidarity with International High School! Fight the righteous fight 🙂

Jenise Porthery, Ph.D-Retired Educatior, Tucson, AZ

It takes a great deal of courage to speak truth to power. Thank you to the teachers who are doing so by refusing to administer a test which is harmful to children.

Diane Praus-ESL Teacher, Hudson City School District, Menands, NY

ELL students are already at a disadvantage when it comes to testing.  They do not deserve to be subjected to demoralizing assessments which simply underscore the obvious fact that these students are not yet proficient in English – what a surprise(!) since they are in fact ELL students.  These students need high-quality instruction, not grueling and ultimately useless testing.

Seth Rader-Teacher, James Baldwin School, New York, NY

Much respect to these brave and dedicated students, families and educators for taking a stand against an inaccurate and unjust tool to measure students’ learning.

Kathlyn Clark-Teacher, International High School at Lafayette, Brooklyn NY

As a fellow educator of ELLs, I fully support the actions taken and International High School at Prospect Heights.  Assessments should be tools that provide meaningful information about student growth.  These tasks simply do not provide any insight into my student’s academic development.  These assessments waste valuable time that I could otherwise use for meaningful instruction and appropriate assessment.

Robert Reyes-English Teacher, James Baldwin School, New York, NY

There needs to be more standing up and way more opting out!!!

Carol Smith-Retired Faculty, CCNY, New York, NY

I stand in support of these brave teachers who want a genuine education for their students, not one that is test driven.

James Wend-Parent, Wauwatosa, WI

 I applaud the brave parents, students & teachers!

Linda A.-Teacher, Arlington, VA

 I support students and teachers!  Just let us teach.

Tammy Spencer-New York, NY

Courageous teachers; a necessary fight.

Elaine Lombardi-Teacher, Virginia Beach

 I support you!

A.Trotman-Bronx, NY

I enthusiastically pledge support for the teachers in opting out of tests that are NOT designed to assess the capabilities of English Language Learners and students with disabilities! 

Nicole St. Clair-ESL Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you teachers, for your bravery on behalf of your students.

Jocelyn-Parent, Brooklyn, NY

 As the parent of a 2-year-old I strongly support the teachers, administrators, and parents fighting this unnecessary and unfair testing.

Thomas A. Traut-Lorain, OH

As a retired teacher, father of eight (one son, two daughters, and two daughters-in-law are teachers also), and grandfather of eighteen, I applaud and fully support your action.

Deborah Grill-Retired Teacher, School Librarian, Philadelphia, PA

I have watched these tests destroy the fabric and focus of public education in Philadelphia, and when public education is destroyed, democracy is in peril.

Laura Boytz-20 year teaching veteran, Alameda Unified School District

 I left teaching after 20 years in part because of the way I saw education being destroyed by the misuse of standardized tests to abuse teachers and kids.   It’s too late for me, but I’m so glad to see people fighting this for the sake of current and future students and teachers.   You brave teachers and parent and community supporters are my heroes!

Rosa Rivera-McCutchen-Assistant Professor, New Rochelle, NY

I salute this school community (parents and teachers) for standing together!!

Frank Faconti-High School English Teacher of ESL students, FDR High School, Brooklyn, NY

I teach three ESL classes, including two Transitional English classes for the more advanced ESL students.  It makes no sense to insist that these ESL students take a Benchmark Assessment when they never took the Baseline Assessment.  In addition, assessments of this nature should never be given without word translators in various languages for students to be able to fully understand the words that they are unfamiliar with.  This is a travesty!

Helen L. Burleson-Retired Teacher, Former Member Board of Education, Flossmoor Board of Education, Olympia Fields, IL

Having devoted my life to either teaching high school students, serving on the governing boards, including the Illinois State Board of Education, I know that testing is not teaching.  Class time should be devoted to teaching and learning and not wasted on test prep.

Nina Seifert Bishop-Parent and education activist, Colorado Springs, CO

I support these brave teachers for standing up to protect the education of our children. They’re all brave individuals who have had enough and I don’t blame them. Billionaires and big business need to get their noses out of education  and stop throwing their money at corrupt political allies for support. Quit trying to make a buck off the backs of our kids!  You cannot standardize a human. Children are unique and teaching is an art. Children are NOT products and schools are NOT factories and there is more to education than regurgitating information for tests.  I stand with these teachers and encourage all parents to do the same.  Stop stressing our kids, teachers and schools!

Candace Bruce-Andrews-Special Education Teacher and Parent, Denver, CO

I stand in solidarity with the 30 teachers and school staff at the International High School at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn who are refusing to administer the New York City ELA Performance Assessment. Teachers at IHSPH are standing up for all teachers and parents who feel that these tests that are traumatic for students, serve no instructional purpose, and do nothing to prepare students for college. It is clear that the feelings here in New York about these tests are felt nationwide.  As a teacher and a parent, I appreciate your courage!

Demel Zabunny-Former NYC ESL high school teacher, Flushing High School, New York, NY

What I don’t get is, you would think administrators would be supportive of not giving ELLs these tests, since the resultant lowering of test scores affects their bottom line.

Alicea LaVerne McLemore Sims Woods-Parent and Foster Parent,Innovations Charter School International, Las Vegas, NY

Most of the students’ time in class is spent on preparation for Assessment Tests.

Omar Diaz Moreno-Teacher, Santiago de Chile

Basta de enajenación segregadora de pruebas estandarizadas, a recuperar el poder politico curricular de la comunidad educativa! 

Michelle Reyes-Parent, Teacher, District 9, Bronx, NY

I support and applaudd you for standing up for change! As you may or may not know, my district, District 9 has one of the largest amount of ELL students. Having students take test that are inappropriate for them is wrong.

Susan Petrey-Teacher, Brooklyn Democracy Academy, District 23, Brooklyn, NY

I am impressed at how these teachers and students are supporting each other.

Heather Geck-Parent and Teacher, Fraser, MI

Your commitment is appreciated!

Celia Genishi-Teacher, Teachers College, New York, NY

I commend the courageous teachers and parents who have stood up and opted out of ELA testing, which is not modified for recently arrived English learners.

Josh Lederman-Somerville, MA

Stand up!

Laraine DeAngelis-Teacher/parent, PS 19, Brooklyn, NY

The English language learners are being abused and discriminated against by the testing law, and they have gotten worse instead of better. I demand justice for children

Mallory Clarke-Teacher, Garfield High School, Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA

People all over the country support this boycott!

Zan Jacobus-Former ESL teacher, Psychotherapis, District 15, Brooklyn, NY

As a former ESL teacher, I strongly support the action of the International HS teachers in refusing to administer this exam.  The exam is an inappropriate and unfair way to evaluate English language learners.

Azeen Keramati-Social Worker, Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School, New York, NY

As a former Social Worker at PAIHS (Elmhurst) I stand in solidarity. Adelante!

Rico Gutstein-Professor, University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago, IL

Props to the teachers for taking a powerful stand! 

Susan M. Goncarovs – Veteran Teacher & BAT


I stand in solidarity with the 30 teachers and school staff at the International High School at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn who are refusing to administer the New York City ELA Performance Assessment. Teachers at IHSPH are standing up for all teachers and parents who feel that these tests that are traumatic for students, serve no instructional purpose, and do nothing to prepare students for college. It is clear that the feelings here in New York about these tests are felt nationwide. As a veteran teacher and Mother, we are grateful for your courage and we share your struggle.

Daniel Kohn

Parents support your stand. You are doing this for us.


Stay strong because it’s the right thing to do! 

Elizabeth Walker

I support opting out!!

Sheryl Reedy

Silence will not fix this problem. We need loud voices who can garner powerful politicians to make a change.

Amanda Clarke-Parent, Brooklyn, NY

Good for you!!!! You have a lot of support out there.

Eli Thomas-Parent, NY, NY

I stand in solidarity with the 30 teachers and school staff at the International High School at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn who are refusing to administer the New York City ELA Performance Assessment. Teachers at IHSPH are standing up for all teachers and parents who feel that these tests that are traumatic for students, serve no instructional purpose, and do nothing to prepare students for college. It is clear that the feelings here in New York about these tests are felt nationwide. As a parent I am grateful for your courage and share your struggle.

Janet Stephens-Bronx International High School

This exam is unfair to ELLs and should not be used as an assessment tool

Evelyn Cruz-Parent, PS/MS 108 District 4, NY, NY

When parents and educators create a united front, the children are the reapers of a high quality education.

Janet Staub-Syracuse, ny

We need to do what is right by our students, not by what is profitable to big business or to governmental pressure.

Charles Seagle-Albany, NY

Teach first! Test afterwards, please!

Rebecca Horwitz-Rosendale, NY

This test is unfair to ELLs and causes unnecessary angst for students who are not prepared to succeed on it, due to their language minority status.

Haley Schwartz-Social Worker, Sheepshead Bay, District 22, Brooklyn, NY

I am a social worker in a high school. I am also the product of public school education, and the child of two public school teachers. While testing has hurt many students in the city- those with learning disabilities, with emotional and practical constraints that impede their ability to focus, study, pass- it seems particularly harmful and useless to students for whom English is a new language. The ELA Performance Assessment sets international students up for failure, instead of preparing them for success in this country. Please allow the teachers, who are advocates for their students, to help these students, by emphasizing learning and not forcing upon them a test for which they are unable to be prepared.

Rafael Mendez –Ph.D,Professor of Psychology, CUNY, Brooklyn NY

Standardize test are pedagogically unscientific and undermine creative thought, which is fundamental for our students future development

Renate Bridenthal-NY,NY

As I retired Professor of History at Brooklyn College, I appreciate the efforts of high school teachers to do their best in the interests of their students.  The teachers’ letter explains well why they have chosen to opt out of the test.  I sign in solidarity.

Jessica Hatlen-Teacher, LaGuardia High School, NY, NY

I just wanted to say I support your brave actions to protect the children of our city from exams that do not HELP them in their education but cause REAL harm. SOLIDARITY! 

Brenda Chaney-Teacher, Boston, Massachusetts

Critical teaching/learning time is being wasted with state mandated testing. Students need more time on task, not more testing.

Nancy Lauter-Teacher Educator,Montclair, NJ

Thank you!  We must stand up to save our children from the testy frenzy.  Our children are children, not factory-made automobiles.

María Paz Gomez-University Professor, Santiago, Chile

I really hope you succeed with this initiative. Students deserve much better than standardized tests. They deserve to play, have fun, and learn meaningful things. I wish you the best of luck.

Tera Petersen-Parent, Brooklyn, Ny

Stop the testing

Lorri Gumanow-Retired Teacher, Parent and College Professor, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for your bravery in being the first of, hopefully, many school staff in NYC to take this important action on behalf of your students.  We support you and salute you!

Madalynn-Associate Educator,Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis Public Schools

Solidarity from MPLS. Fight the good fight!

Dina López-Assistant Professor,The City College of New York

Thank you for your courage. You are truly an inspiration.

Lainey Feingold-Parent, Berkeley, California

This test doesn’t make sense for these new-to-the-U.S.-students.  I trust the teachers to know what is best for their students. 

Jesse Turner-Professor of Reading and Language Arts,West Hartford Connecticut

The time a nation rejection of high stakes testing is here for teachers and parents everywhere.Silence and apathy are not acceptable,

Steve Cohen-Parent, Teacher, Cambridge, MA

It is time to have real assessments created by those who know and work with the students.

Steven Greenstein-Assistant Professor,Maplewood, NJ

 I support, appreciate, and applaud these teachers who act with heart, wisdom, and courage for the benefit of others.

Veronica Vega

Less testing MORE teaching!!!

Hazel J Twelkef

I support teachers. & parents who choose to opt out of testing. I am a former teacher & school administrator.


 Jeanne Ballou

Keep up the good fight!

Greg Sudmeier

Stay strong.

Anthony Tshering-Brooklyn,NY

As social worker who works in the Bronx school districts, I support you fully!

Celia Oyler-Professor and Teacher Educator,Teachers College, NY, NY

Your action is one of clarity and integrity. I salute your courage as you refuse to participate in a system that is abusive to both students and teachers.

 Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld-Professor, South Hadley, MA

I support the teachers in their protest of these standardized tests. These assessments do not promote the education of their students, but rather inhibit creativity and critical thinking skills.

LaToya Strong-New York

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.   —Margaret Mead

Tamara Anderson-Parent, Lingelbach Elementary, Philadelphia, PA

 I stand in solidarity with the teachers refusing to give the test. Stand up and opt out!

Lauren Anderson-Assistant Professor,New Haven, CT

Thank you for your courage in taking a stand with your students!

Ann O’Shea-Parent, NY, NY

I applaud the teachers and parents who are standing up against  educational policies that demean teachers and students alike with standardized tests that do nothing to measure real student learning or teacher effectiveness and that increasingly are determined to be flawed in both application and analysis.    Fortunately, my two sons went to public schools before the privatization of public education took hold.  The present drive to privatize public education — the most significant  element in any democracy — is based on money, greed, and a culture that is willing to turn everything, from nature’s water to the Post Office to  public education, into  money-making operations.  This is surely a society that is spiraling down to a “new dark ages” (Lester Thurow).

Chloe-Brooklyn, NY

 It’s amazing seeing social justice motivated, caring, dedicated teachers in action! Thank you for being leaders in this very important movement against neoliberal reform of our public schools. Thank you for showing your students what it means to participate in a democracy, to think critically, to argue and speak out for what you believe in, and to collaborate in solidarity!

Alison McDowell-Parent,Philadelphia, PA

The standardized testing industry relies on their ability to promote a narrative of failure. Our children aren’t failures. Their schools aren’t failures. Their teachers aren’t failures. Corporations are trying to sell us a bill of goods-but we are buying anymore. Hit Pearson where it counts. Opt Out / Refuse these tests. It’s the only way to reclaim our classrooms for authentic education. Collaboration and creativity beat out standardization and rigor every time!

Jal Raval-Science Teacher, Bronx International High School, Bronx, NY

Evaluating English Language Learners based on a strict set of standards that they have no academic relationship with is an act that exacts and humiliates injustice.  This should be illegal to test them on skills that even a native speaker of english could not access.

Sheila Resseger- Retired Teacher, RI School for the Deaf,Cranston, RI

I applaud the teachers and parents for refusing to take part in what has become an agenda of educational malpractice. Over use of and misuse of the results of mass administered standardized testing is harmful to all students, but particularly insidious for English Language learners, students with special learning needs, and students from high poverty neighborhoods. The data is invalid and unreliable, and the psychological harm is unforgivable. Ongoing teacher-developed classroom observation and portfolio assessments are a valid and educationally positive way to gauge student progress. The gathering of meaningless data from inappropriate assessments is costly in terms of money and time, as well as costly to the psycho-social health of students, teachers, and families. This testing mania must stop!

Jeannie Gomes

Thank you to the teachers who are standing up for the children. Rather than all of these ‘tests’, teachers need to be able to teach our kids, providing them with a full and well rounded education….

Ann Franas

 What a great group of teachers and parents you have at International High School!  Their willingness to refuse to give the NYC English Language Arts Performance Assessment Exam should be commended by all!  These types of standardized testing are inappropriate and educational abuse.  I stand in their support and hope that they will enlighten other parents, educators and administrators as we fight for Public Education!

Gladys M. Sotomayor

This is a great courageous act on behalf of our ELLs. I wish I could have stand with you in person. The power of a caring and organized staff is what makes ELL children succeed. Advocacy is crucial and more importantly staff working in solidarity is the game changer. The remnants of the Bloomberg/Klein/Walcott days will be chipped away if more of us follow your example.

Amy-Nicole Roat-Building Representative, PFT / AFT

Dear Sisters and Brothers at the Brooklyn International High School,
Please accept my sincere expression of appreciation and admiration for
your boycott of ELA exam.  You have the support of the members of the
Philadelphia Federation of Teachers at the Feltonville School of Arts
and Sciences in PA.
We have a high population of ESOL students and are mortified by what
the exams do to our students sense of self-worth and their ability to
access selective high schools.  Their “neighborhood” high school is a
charter school.
Your boycott and others like it are emboldening us.  In keeping with
the motto, “Do no harm,” we are planning on supporting parents who opt
out their children next year. You give us hope and courage.

Tracey Scronic

I am so proud – and so moved – by these brave teachers. I wish I taught there so I could join them in this courageous act!

Una Osato-Educator, NY, NY

Inspired and in awe by your courage in taking a stand for our student and education system!!!

 Kristine Mayle- Teacher, Chicago Teachers Union, AFT Local 1

You are an inspiration. Thank you for taking a stand for your students and ours. The more people stand up, the better our chances of defeating this abusive testing juggernaut. Solidarity from Chicago!

Julia Soare-Teacher, New York

This performance assessment is inappropriate for my students, who are all English Language Learners. If they cannot understand the readings, how can they possibly write an essay about them? And this is supposed to assess how I’m doing as a teacher? If my students cannot access the material on the test, they cannot show what they know.  Because the test was so high above their reading and writing levels, my students became very anxious and upset. Many copied blocks of text onto loose leaf and then put their heads down. That says nothing about the students’ growth this year or my work as their teacher! The test is a waste of 90 minutes of instuctional time. Let us design our own measures of achievement that are appropriate to our students!

Roxie Salamon-Abrams-Teacher,Bronx International H.S., District 9

Thank you for your leadership and advocacy. 

Michelle Gunderson-Chicago Teacher

Proud to support courageous educators. Pearson needs to go.

 Janine Sopp- Parent, Brooklyn, NY

This is the only way to stop the insanity.  Stand UP, Pencils DOWN!
Thank you for supporting our children and doing the right thing.
You will lead the way for others, and that will be wonderful.
Standing ovation!


I am truly proud of these teachers for advocating for their students!! The madness of testing is going overboard. Waste of time and taxpayers’ money. The ones who are suffering and hurting the most are the children. Children are suppose to love learning not hating it. I hope MORE teachers throughout NYC will follow their lead. It is time for civil disobedience among teachers, administrators and parents!

Charles Costigan

Hopefully Florida can learn from this courageous move.


So much solidarity to our sister and brother teachers standing up and with their students. As we get ready to teach tomorrow, we’ll be standing with you in spirit!

Gail Shaw

Well done to all of you! In Australia we are about to start our statewide testing regime – NAPLAN- what a great response!!!

 Chris Gordon Owen-Grandparent, P.S. 321, District 15, Brooklyn, NY

 I applaud the teachers’ brave stand.  The more we stand together – teachers, parents, grandparents, community members, principals – and speak out rather than accept the status quo out of fear, inertia, or hopelessness, the more impact we can hope to have. And even if the impact isn’t immediately visible, we can do the right thing. We can say, with these teachers, “This is wrong.  This has to stop.”  It’s time to let teachers and families get on with their genuine educational activities: exploration, curiosity, development of empathy – none of which can be taught or assessed with standardized, short-answer tests.

Edwin Mayorga- NYCoRE Member & Professor of Education, Astoria, NY

 I am humbled and honored to stand in support of these courageous teachers (and students). Pa’lante!

Emily Dennis

I trust educators to educate our students and support the opt out of high risk testing.


Way to go teachers! Stand up for the welfare and interests of the students and their parents as well as your own. Standardized test are a waste of time & taxpayer dollars and do not reflect what students have learned. The corporate test makers are not in the classroom and have no idea what should be tested. The classroom teacher can only do that and truly assess a child’s progress. No standardized test can ever be developed or created to truly assess a child’s progress. Children are not “factory produced kids”. They are human beings with unique abilities and gifts. The mentality behind standardization comes from the factory settings of measuring units of production. Kids are not units of production. Schools and teachers are not intended to be factories for human capital (kids = product) which is being produced and delivered into the 21th century workforce for the corporate customer. Unfortunately the ed-reformers now in charge would lead us to believe that the ultimate goal of educations is to deliver workforce ready kids and that is simply not the case.

Dao Tran-Parent, Castle Bridge School, New York City

Thank you for taking this stand with your students and their families! It’s so important that you recognize that young people need support and room to grow and develop—and these tests provide none of that. Every voice of resistance counts in this beautiful struggle we are building.  I am so proud to know some of you personally and take heart seeing your strong collective  action. I know we can  push back against corporate education deform and reclaim our schools! Sí se puede!

Binjamine Maurice-Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Standardized Testing does not measure intelligence.

Lisa Bowstead- Teacher, Student, Brooklyn, NY

No test can measure creativity, insight, original ideas, growth of conscience, poetic skill, passion, compassion, empathy, a sense of duty, pride, community membership, the importance of personal missions,  dreams, and — most importantly — the development of a love for learning!

The people who have implemented this system of testing in NY State, and across the country, have NO IDEA what education is really all about.

Megan Behrent-Teacher, Franklin D. Roosevelt HS, Brooklyn, NY

As an English teacher at a school with a large number of English language learners, I applaud your decision. The test is completely inappropriate and detrimental to our students. Solidarity!

Tim Clifford- Teacher, Queens, NY

Enough high stakes testing! I commend all these brave teachers for their actions to protect their students from state-imposed mandates using untried and poorly designed materials!

Melissa Casamassina-Parent,Wayne, NJ

Way to go…standing up for your students!!

Zulma Villalba-Retired Teacher, Bronx, NY

It’s time to send a strong message to Cuomo, Tisch, King and the UFT.  The tests are not teacher created but were created to repress student achievement and to condemn teachers.

Christine Levinson-Teacher,Plainview, NY

Good for you!

Alan Gamboa-Teacher, EBC High School, Bushwick, NY

Too many tests!

Ralf Hotchkiss-ParentOakland, California

This test threatens to damage some of the best teaching that is being done today!

Tory Frye-Parent, Muscota New School, NY

Thank you for your act of integrity and courage!!

Danny Katch-Parent, Jackson Hts, NY

Thank you for standing up for students, parents, and educators across the city!

Bree Picower-Assistant Professor, Brooklyn, NY

Bravo to these brave teacher activists standing in solidarity with their students!

Terri Nilliasca-Parent, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for your courage! As parents, we stand with teachers in demanding that the NYC DOE stop using corporate created state tests to evaluate teachers and schools and students!

Kathy Lake- Professor of Education, Milwaukee, WI

 Meaningful assessments of learning should inform students about their progress, inform teachers about their practice, and inform decisions about future instructional pathways. Giving an assessment in a language with which the student is not competent makes it highly unlikely that any of the criteria above will be met. Who among us would find it reasonable to move to another country, one where we do not fully speak, read, or understand the language, and then be judged on our ability based on our comprehension of that language?

Kathy McCullagh- Parent, Brooklyn, NY

I applaud your collective integrity and courage.  Your students are lucky to have you teaching them (although I’m sure you all feel like you are lucky to get to teach your students).   It’s a big fight we’re in but another world IS possible.

Sara E. Pyle-Retired ESL teacher, City, State: New York, NY

 Administering this ELA test to newcomer ELL students, 35% of which qualify as SIFEs, is beyond inappropriate and invalid and must be stopped. In my opinion, such too-hard tests amount to a form of child abuse and discrimination based on language. Bravo to the teachers who are standing up for their students and for pedagogy that actually furthers second language acquisition.

Gladys M Sotomayor-Teacher and Parent,Brooklyn NY,District 15

 As a long time teacher and advocate for ELLs  I wholeheartedly support your initiative in behalf of all ELLs. For years I have  been against the after one year take the test requirement and see children’s self esteem shattered. Your courage and drive is an inspiration!

Kathleen Thompson- School Psychologist, Tucson, AZ, Tucson Unified School District #1

As an educator for 38 years, I stand with teachers, students, and families to stop the madness of high stakes testing which is corrupting our democratic public schools.

 Jessica Libell-Teacher/researcher,Arizona State University

The opt-out movement is spreading! Keep up the good work.

Christina Hilo – Organizer, Brooklyn, NY
You’re doing the right thing!

Ruth Powers Silverberg – Associate Professor, College of Staten Island, City University of New York, Staten Island, NY
Bravo to these courageous teachers!

Amos Margulies – Teacher, PAIHS@Monroe, Bronx, NY

Teachers doing what’s in the best interest of their students? Sounds just radical and crazy enough to warrant my support!

Caren Van Slyke – President, Learning Unlimited, Oak Park, IL
As a lifelong educator and educational publisher, I support the courageos teachers who are standing up.

Heather Lynch – Parent, Atlanta, GA
Thank you for pushing back against predatory testing. You’re in my thoughts as you navigate tomorrow with peace, compassion, and strength.
Reyna Camacho – Teacher, Los Angeles
Yo los apoyo!

Deborah Johnson – Student, Hunter College, CUNY, Kew Gardens, NY
It is time for leaders to LEAD – not follow the dictates of interest groups and capitalist agendas.

Bonnie Massey – School Social Worker, Bronx International High School, District 9, Bronx, NY

If you spent 5 minutes in my office talking to the ELL students who are discouraged by and losing their will to come to school due to these tests…well, you would know the tremendous harm they do and danger they pose to education.

Karen LaBonte – Teacher/Teacher Educator, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Thank you for your dedication to your students, your courage, and your leadership. Standing with you.

Daiyu Suzuki – Parent / Doctoral Student, P.S. 125, District 5/Teachers College, New York, NY
Thank you so much for doing this. You are teaching your students how to fight injustice!
You are refusing to be complicit of the testing regime that reduces all the complexities of teaching an impoverishes learning! You are our inspiration!!

Jesse Hagopian – Teacher, Garfield High School, Seattle, WA
Thank you for defending your students.  We teachers at Garfield support you!

Mark Naison – Professor, Co-Founder of Badass Teachers Association, Fordham University, Brooklyn, NY

I support this courageous action by the Teachers of Prospect Heights!

Brian De Vale – Principal, Parent, P.S. 257, Brooklyn, NY

It takes guts to stand up for your beliefs in the current political climate of Ed Reform. Thank God we have a new mayor who is not down with that destructive agenda! Stay strong and stand tall for your kids!!! Testing is neither teaching, nor learning.

Alicia Connelly-Foster – Teacher & Parent, Teach @ Patchogue-Medford, Coram, NY
I stand with teachers who stand for children! I support you and appreciate your courage!

Sarah Frank – Special Education Teacher, NYCDOE

Sending solidarity and admiration! Thank you for your leadership.

Bill Rosenthal – Associate Professor of Mathematics, CUNY, Long Island City, NY

You are doing the right thing for your students.

Adam Grumbach – Parent, Brooklyn New School, District 15

These teachers are fearless and fighting the good fight.

Elizabeth Welsh – Teacher, Linden, NJ
So incredibly proud of my colleagues in NY.

Mélida Maldonado – Student Teacher, Bronx, NY
I’m so happy your school is resisting this exam!

David Sudmeier – Teacher, Redmond Middle School, Lake Washington School District, Seattle, WA
I strongly support the teachers and school staff at the International High School at Prospect Heights who are refusing to give the NYC English Language Arts Performance Assessment Exam. It is abusive to English Language Learners to be subjected to inappropriate high-stakes tests.

jonpelto – Parent, public education advocate, Storrs, CT
You have the support and appreciation of thousands of parents and education advocates in Connecticut

Keith Catone – Educator, Annenberg Institute for School Reform


John Troutman McCrann – Teacher, Harvest Collegiate High School, NYC DOE District 02, Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for standing up against this!

 Sherry Wolf – Rutgers University, Brooklyn, NY

As a higher ed faculty organizer, I am inspired by the initiative of these teachers, parents and students. Solidarity—the only way to win!

 Brian Kelly – Hudson Valley, NY

Stop the testing madness. Schools should be for real learning!

Leonie haimson – Parent advocate, NYC
Congrats  & respect for your principled boycott!

Malcolm Sacks – Teacher, Bronx International HS, District 09, Bronx, NY
I stand in solidarity with the 30 teachers and school staff at the International High School at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn who are refusing to administer the New York City ELA Performance Assessment.  Teachers at IHSPH are standing up for all teachers and parents who feel that these tests are traumatic for students, serve no instructional purpose, and do nothing to prepare students for college. It is clear that the feelings here in New York about these tests are felt nationwide. As a teacher and a comrade in the fight for a better world, I am grateful for your courage and I share your struggle.  Palante!

Chris Buttimer – Grad Student/Former Teacher, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Great work that will hopefully inspire similar stands here in Boston and around the country!

Gary Tobin – Parent, Bridgeport, CT
To the teachers who support the kids and a quality education, Thank You.

Sara Dalziel – Former Teacher, PS 58, District 24, Brooklyn, NY
I, Sara Dalziel, stand in solidarity with the 30 teachers and school staff at the International High School at Prospect Heights in Brooklyn who are refusing to administer the New York City ELA Performance Assessment.  Teachers at IHSPH are standing up for all teachers and parents who feel that these tests that are traumatic for students, serve no instructional purpose, and do nothing to prepare students for college. It is clear that the feelings here in New York about these tests are felt nationwide. As a former teacher, I am grateful for your courage and share your struggle.

Leah Siepel-Brooklyn,NY

Melissa Schultz-Teacher, Wickliffe High School, Wickliffe, OH

Evan Giller-New York, NY

Deborah Glupczynski-Family Physician, Oakland, CA

Wing Mai Sang-Graduate Student in Education, Jackson Heights, NY

Carolina Acevedo-Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, Colegio Aitué,

Santiago, Chile

Jim Salom-Philadelphia, PA

Polly Young-preschool teacher, West Woodland Elementary, Seattle School District

Matthew Watkins-Arizona School for the Arts, Phoeniz, AZ

Michelle Adriaense-Artist/teacher, Terneuzen, Netherlands

Becky Glupczynski-Supporter, New York, NY

Stephen Pagán-Peoria, IL

Dorothy Diehl-Winona, MN

Aleksandra Serebrenik-Brooklyn, NY

Noah Asher Golden-Literacy Coach and Teacher Educator, New York, NY

Caitlin Long-Student/Educatior, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Richard Strot-Waco, TX

Juan Gonzalez-Teacher, Drummond Montessor, Chicago, IL

Amy Harvey-Teacher, Las Cruces Public Schools, Las Cruces, NM

Lawrence Pruski-English Instructor, New York, NY

Katie Jarvis-Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Ivonne Rayo – Queens

Christine Celentano – Teacher, Bronx International High School

Jennifer Phuong – Teacher,  Midwood High School, Brooklyn, NY

Kylah Torre – Brooklyn 

Amanda Klonsky – Social Worker, Chicago

Michael Newman – Professor, Queens College

Katharine Carr – Teacher, New York, NY

Nathaniel Gunderson – Minneapolis, MN

David Leyzerovsky – New York City

Sam Saltz – Teacher, NYC

Susan Kaplan – Parent, Chicago

Kevin Prosen – Teacher,  District: I.S. 230, District 30 NYC

Naomi Fair – Special Education teacher,  Mcmicken heights, Highline school district, Seattle

Carlos Quintana – Educator, John Adams HS, NYC

James Wheaton – Parent, Midland Park, NJ

Leah Osman – Andover, MA

Catherine – Student, NYU

Anna Goldberger – Youth Social Worker, Chicago

José Alfredo Menjivar – Adjunct Professor, Doctoral Student and NYCoRE Member

Ariel Feingold-Shaw – Playworks Coach, San Francisco, CA

Deneen Adams  – Secretary,  Staten Island, NY,  31R074

Ariela Rothstein – Teacher, East Brooklyn Community High School, District 18

Terry Weber – Retired Teacher,  Urban Academy, New York, NY

Julia Carson – Teacher,  PAIHS @ Monroe (BX 388), Bronx

Beth Blue Swadener – Professor, Arizona State University

Rebecca Mlynarczyk –  Professor and ESL Program Director, Retired, CUNY, Brooklyn

Cathy A. Colton – English Instructor, College of Lake County,  Waukegan, IL

Laurel George – Parent, Professor, Brooklyn

Adam Santos – Teacher,  International High School at Lafayette, New York, NY

Tonikiaa Orange – Principal, CLAS, LAUSD, Los Angeles

Stephanie Vece –  Parent, Lonsdale Elementary School, Lincoln, RI

Bill Taylor – Parent, Ridge, NY

Kyle Goen – Brooklyn

Natalie Cruz – Parent/Student, New York, NY

Keith Rosenthal – Harvard University, Boston, MA

Rebekka O’Melia – Teacher, Parent,  Cumberland, RI

Neil Loehlein – Portland, OR

Deborah Greenblatt – Teacher, NY, NY

Kate Seltzer – Teacher & Urban Education/Bilingual Education PhD student, NYC

Chet Jordan – Professor, New York

Elena Jaime – The Cathedral School, independent school, NYC

Kathleen Melville – Teacher and Parent,  Philadelphia, PA

Tara Bahl – Teacher educator & schools researcher, NYC

Lara Gerstein – Teacher and Parent, NYC

Schneur Newfield – Parent,  Hoboken, NJ

Merrym Osdoby – Teacher, Flushing, Queens

William Helfrecht – New York, NY

Lynda Sandoval – Fredonia, NY

Donna Haase – Parent,  Rockville Centre, NY

Heather Rippeteau – Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Sara Wasserman – Instructor,  Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

Lewis Gitelman – Coach, Medford, MA

Nicole Zayas – Social Worker, Brooklyn, NY

Donna Connell – Parent,  Cumberland, RI


Beatrice Tony-Jean, Brooklyn, NY


Nancy Schniedewind-Teacher, SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY


Lindsey Abramowitz-Teacher, New York, NY


Minerva Moya-Teacher, Buffalo, NY


Kip Yates-Parent, Brooklyn, NY


Kimberly Bowsky-Teacher, Chicago, IL


Carole Edelsky-Tucson, AZ


Heather Robison-Teacher, Seattle, WA


Daniel Kohn-Parent, P.S. 146, District 15, Brooklyn, NY


David Safier-Retired Teacher, Tucson, AZ


Elizabeth Keller-Special Education Teacher, Inwood, WV


Rachel Parsons-Teacher, James Baldwin School, New York, NY


Sandhya Seshan-Teacher, EBC-Bushwick High School, Brooklyn, NY


Lisa Bensing-Teacher, Brooklyn, NY


Joseph Alexiou-Brooklyn, NY


Maria Cioe Pena – Teacher, Brooklyn

David DeJong – Chicago

Penny – Parent, Brooklyn, NY

Jeremy Ehrlich – Future Teacher, NYC

Prema Kelley – Brooklyn

Howard Pflanzer – Teacher,  Bronx Community College/CUNY

Roberto Soto-Carrion –  GPS Counselor,  Progress High School for Professional Careers, Brooklyn, NY

Javier Campos – Graduate Student, Amherst, MA

Madalynn – Associate Educator, Minneapolis, MN

Halka Liss – Parent,  Strathmore Elementary, Matawan Aberdeen, New Jersey

Laura Rubin – High School Teacher, Humanities Prep, Brooklyn

Yermaín Araya – Teacher, Colegio San Marcelo, La Granja, Santiago, Chile

Jennifer Bilek – Woodside, NY

Dr. Kyle Black – Assistant Professor,  Winona, MN

Michael Thompson – Teacher, New York, NY

Paul Prescod – Future Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

Gabriel Etcheberrigaray – Educational Psychologist, Clarksville, MD

Dayna Rose – Teacher, Oakland, CA

Kevin Hayes – Lawyer, Portland, OR

Taylor Numann – Boston, MA

Marie D’Amico – Teacher, High School for Construction, Trade, Engineering, and Architecture, Ozone Park, NY

Jessica Kiesel – ESL Teacher, East Elmhurst, NY

Jules Hollander – Music Teacher, PS 172, Brooklyn

AJ Tiedeman – Student,  High School for Environmental Studies

Micaela Haskins – Graduate Student in Hunter College TESOL program, Brooklyn

Erin Santana – Aspirations High School, Brooklyn, NY

Adiya White-Hammond – Teacher, Boston Public Schools

Carol Skyrm – New York, NY

Rocio Garcia – Los Angeles, CA

Anne Klonsky-Parent

Mary Madden-Teacher, New Fairfield, CT

Kate, Teacher- Hudson High School of Learning Technologies,NY, NY

Megan Moskop – Special Education Teacher M.S. 324 District 6, Manhattan

Trine – Parent, Brooklyn

Laila Bahman – Photographer, Brooklyn

 Janice Bloom – Parent and former NYC public school teacher, Brooklyn New School District 15; former teacher at East Side Community HS

Dennis Caindec – Educator, NYC

Kristen Pfeffer – Parent, Central Park East 1 Elementary School, Dstrict 4

Joan Kramer – Teacher, Parent, Los Angeles Unified School District

Rachel Cholst – Teacher Arturo a Schomburg Satellite Academy, District 12 NYC

Mollie Wray – Teacher, Chicago

Margaret T Carleton – Parent, Providence, RI

Ashlie – Special Education Teacher, Bronx Academy of Letters

Alia Ganaposki – Parent, Ps 122, PS 85 District 30 Queens

Sam Spitz – Chicago, IL

Abigail Vaughn – Teacher, The Brooklyn New School, PS 146 D15

Jamie Yates – Parent, Brooklyn

Marcela Naciff  – Professor, New York University

Leigh Klonsky – Teacher, Brooklyn

Patricia Ramirez – Queens

Gail Miller – School Social Worker (Retired), Manhattan High Schools

Lew Friedman – Retired teacher and former member of UFT Exec, Brooklyn

Cayden Betzig – Future educator, Academy of Government & Law 

Ivonne Rayo – Queens

Peter Freedberger – Parent, Anderson, District 3, New York, NY

Alisa Grewe – Teacher, SPA, Falcon Heights, MN

Greta Schwerner – Teacher, P.S. 146, District 15, Brooklyn, NY

Cati de los Rios – Bronx, NY

Simone Levine – New Orleans, LA

Miriam Meir – Parent, CPE1, District 4, New York, NY

Alejandro Lopez – El Paso, TX

Carlo Altamirano – Phd Student, Tempe

Aly Kronick – Teacher, Claremont International High School, District 9, Bronx, NY

Jessica Smith – Parent, Brooklyn, NY

Marial Garcia – New York, NY

Amanda Dobron –  Albuquerque, NM

Pierce Delahunt – Teacher / Student, New York

Anna Torkkola – Teacher, student, Tempe, AZ

Susan Kaplan – Parent, Oak Park River Forest, Chicago, IL

Cinthia Quilici – Parent, Irving, TX

Flora Farago – Graduate student instructor, Tempe Independent School District, Tempe

Grace O’Keeffe

Alev Dervish – ESL Teacher, P.S. 15, District 15, Brooklyn, NY

Perry Lee

Britt Fremstad – Teacher, NYCDOE, Bronx, NY

Cassandra Wallace – Teacher, Boston Public Schools, Cambridge, MA

Emily Wardell – Mathews AISD, Austin, TX;

Julie Shannon – Teacher/Parent, MS 324 District 6, PS 163 District 3, NY, NY

Kara Kitchen – Teacher+Parent, Mohawk, Rowe, and Hawlemont Regional School District, Plainfield, MA

Julia Rybak – Community member, Brooklyn, NY

Margaret Gnadt – Teacher, Plymouth, WI

Cindy M. Bautista-Thomas – Social Worker, Bronx, NY, PS 146, district 15

Kathy McDonald – College Professor/Parent, Brooklyn, NY


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